Stephen Ursino

Born and raised in a small coal mining town in western Pennsylvania. After finishing public high school I pursued an education in Engineering in Michigan. Motorola brought me to Chicago some time ago.

Having had little to no formal art education other than my relentless craving of beautifying a naked space, I nurtured my committed desire to create for public interpretation. I paint in bright colors with bold content that follows what I have coined my style as “abstract facial revelation”. As I approach my art, each piece slowly reveals itself in the form of a figure and face. Some obvious, some not. Many have multiple personalities.

"Abstract Facial Revelation" at its unique core pits anxiety in opposition to construction and frustration in anticipation of destruction. These 4 conflicting but confluent constituents together and unconsciously supervised unite to reveal a peaceful calming balance of form and color that with devotion and discipline unbury to reveal the facial.

I can be reached at or 773-882-4009.

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